“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” Emily Brontë

Paraguay in the late 60’s.

President Alfredo Stroessner and his fellow officers from the military rule with an iron fist. Lining their pockets with income from taxes levied on whisky and cigarettes smuggled into Brazil.

I was staying in Asuncion: one leg of a trip to South America to promote Buchanan’s and Black & White Scotch Whiskies. The hotel – from memory – was the Bolivar.

It had been a long day: time for a drink before dinner. I looked at the selection behind the bar – and saw a small, ceramic flagon with the words ‘Yorkshire Liqueur’ on the label.

“What on earth is that one?”

The barman shrugged. “No lo sé señor, alguien lo dejó aqui.” (“Sir, I don’t know. Someone left it here.”)

He passed it to me. ‘Brontë’, I read. ‘Original, unique, Yorkshire Liqueur.’

That was how I first came across Brontë Liqueur; in a deserted bar 6,400 miles from home. The memory of the drink stayed with me: when I was finally home I found that it was distributed by a company in Leeds, Gayle & Lister. ‘No’, they politely told me. ‘We don’t want to sell it’.

But everything comes to him who waits – and now, some 40 years later, I finally have the chance to bring you the Brontë Liqueur.

It's been a long journey: I’m sure the seductive combination of blackberries and sloes, wild honey and jasmine will convince you it was worthwhile.

Sir James Aykroyd

For every bottle of the Bronte Liqueur sold a small donation will be made to support the work of the Bronte Society.

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